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The Foire du Trône is a Parisian funfair , in the 12th arrondissement , formerly also called “Gingerbread Fair” before moving to the Bois de Vincennes it contains many attractions and stands of all kinds to spend a good day with friends or family.

The story of the Throne Fair

In 957 , the Saint-Antoine abbey ( Saint-Antoine-des-Champs abbey ) obtained the right to sell a kind of gingerbread during Holy Week in memory of their patron saint to the location of the current square de la Nation (then called Place du Trône), and along the avenue du Trône and the cours de Vincennes . This fair was moved in 1965 to the lawn of Reuilly in the Bois de Vincennes ( 12th arrondissement of Paris ), where it has been held every year since for a period of two months.

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